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Whether it’s flowers, fruit, root vegetables, vine crops, brassicas, squashes, spices, or even pulses, our systems are capable of responding to plant requirements better than any other form of irrigation for one simple reason: the plants control their own watering.

The plants are put in control by the AQUAvalve at the heart of every AutoPot Watering System. The AQUAvalve meters out a supply of water and/or nutrient solution to the container in which the plant is situated. Only once a plant has exhausted the supply will the AQUAvalve reopen to admit a fresh fill.

Used in climates the world over, from the U.K. to Mauritius, from the Maldives to the Middle East, from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa, AutoPot Watering Systems are proven to succeed in virtually any environment, with virtually any plant type.

AutoPot Watering Systems allow people to create self-contained, indoor, semi-indoor, or outdoor green spaces even if they have no earth in which to plant. Such gardens are a horticultural lifeline for those with limited space.

Similarly, those who are growing varieties that require close attention and those who are looking for easy, low maintenance access to plants can be liberated by our automated container-based approach.

As they systems require no electricity and no running water you can set up pretty much wherever you please. Better still you can walk away or holiday with no fear of leaving utilities switched on.

All AutoPot Watering Systems operate 100% power-free. Supply is gravity-fed and regulated by plant consumption rather than by timers, pumps or computers. Therefore there is simply no need for electricity.

Economically and ecologically the systems represent a safe, sustainable solution that, given the rising pressures and costs of utilities, couldn’t be more timely.

Simply elevate your reservoir or water butt 150cm above the lowest AQUAvalve in your system and you will have ample gravity pressure to keep water flowing straight to your plants.

As AutoPot negates the need for running water, practically any space becomes viable for growing. You can leave the system unattended in confidence, whilst saving a fortune on utilities, safe in the knowledge that yours is an eco-friendly choice.