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MotherNature CO2 Generator 10L

Le générateur de CO2 10 L comprend :

1 x Générateur de CO2 MotherNature 10L

1 x pompe à air à sortie unique





The MotherNature CO2 Generator is a complete, self-contained kit designed to operate in hermetically sealed grow room environments such as greenhouses or tents. Ideal for fast-growing crops that have a high need for carbon dioxide, the Generator more than doubles the concentration of CO2 found in the normal atmosphere. Plants grown in a CO2-rich environment are known to grow faster, thrive at higher temperatures, and produce larger, better quality fruits and flowers.

The CO2 Generators are delivered “dry”, which allows you to store them easily without fear of degradation or annoying odors. This means that the Generator must be activated before use. Activation is a very simple task.

When you are ready to use the Generator, simply open the Generator lid and add hot (not boiling) water in one of the following quantities (depending on the size of your CO2 Generator ):

10 L (2.7 gal) CO2 Generator – add 2.5 L (0.66 gal) of hot water to the CO2 Generator

5 L (1.35 gal) CO2 Generator – add 1.25 L (0.33 gal) of hot water to the CO2 Generator

Wait 24 hours before using the CO2 Generator. This 24-hour period is essential for content to activate correctly. Replace the Generator cover after adding water.

The pump that is attached to the base of the Generator is designed to be plugged into a lighting timer/relay, as the unit is ideally activated in sync with your lighting cycle. When your lights turn on, the CO2 Generator also activates, in accordance with the natural needs of your plants. During times when the lights are out, the Generator turns off and the active CO2-producing bacteria comes back to life inside, revitalizing the bucket.

Depending on usage, your Generator’s specially formulated compost and natural bacteria will last up to six months. Once the contents of the Generator are used up, you can simply empty the Generator, clean it, and insert a MotherNature CO2 Refill . It is always useful to have a CO2 Detector  to get a clear idea of ​​CO2 production levels and know when a recharge is necessary.

The MotherNature 10L Generator can increase CO2 levels up to 800 ppm in an area of ​​2.4m x 2.4m

Download the instructions here

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